Save House of Esther

House of Esther takes care of young women that are pregnant or have babies or young children, providing housing and access to opportunities for education and employment. The crypto community can help them to stay together and build independent futures for themselves!

Cyber Institute

Working with at-risk youths in several US locations, most of whom would most likely not re-enter education and the skilled workforce, the Cyber Institute provides programs to obtain high school diplomas, while also training students in real-world skills to help them pursue careers in tech-based sectors.

With the help of the Crypto Community, they can both expand their operations and also add blockchain and cryptocurrency to their training curriculum. 

Team Trees

Started by YouTuber Mr Beast, and supported by many media personalities, Team Trees’ aim is very simple: plant as many trees as possible! $1 = 1 Tree. Over 20 million planted so far.

Our Main Supporters

Every logo/photo links to a group or person that has volunteered to spread the word of WeGiveCrypto

Our Community

We Give Crypto is supported by an ever-growing community of crypto projects, public figures, NGOs, etc. Our members expand our reach by sharing our campaigns.
Shiba Inu
Infinite One
DiscoBurn Token
FCF Revenue Sharing Token
Boda Token
Doge 2.0 Erc20
Seeds to Bees
FCF Crypto Poker and Casino
CrocBoy BSC
Beyond FOMO
CIC Chain
Infinite Two
DJ Prestige
Omega Finance Stocks
Dr Karen Weaver
Volt Inu
The Green Room Lounge

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The Heart of Blockchain

We Give Crypto was founded to bring the cryptosphere together to show the world the true power of cryptocurrencies and other blockchain-based technologies; community.

It is, by definition, a peer-to-peer technology; a person-to-person technology. Our community is full of compassion and empathy. We are mothers, fathers, brothers and sisters. We all breathe the same atmosphere and wish to conserve it for future generations.

United, we will change the world one block at a time.

Changing the world. One block at a time.