Making Crypto Payments Easy

Accepting payments in cryptocurrencies doesn’t have to be complicated. Get started today with FCF Pay.

More Ways to Get Paid

E-commerce, cross-border, in-person… Multichain crypto payments anytime, anywhere. Pre-made integrations, plugins and flexible API.

Stay Ahead

75% of businesses plan to accept crypto payments within the next 18 months. Stay ahead of the competition, keep innovating.

Move Into the Future

Over 300 million people hold cryptocurrencies; similar to the whole population of the USA. It is a growing community with money to spend.

Taming the blockchain

We have made it so simple to integrate crypto payments into any kind of payment flow that you’ll wonder why not everybody is doing it. It’s just a matter of time!


    • Simple, flexible API. If it’s internet-enabled, it can work with FCF Pay.
    • Plugins for Woocommerce, Prestashop, Adobe Commerce and more.
    • Integrations with automation tools such as Zapier and
    • Partnerships and pre-built integrations for crypto<>fiat payments.
    • Advanced payment flows with multiple sub-account and user types.
    • Branding options, including full white-label solutions.
    • Built to scale.

Security and compatability

Customers can pay with ANY crypto wallet, or even pay directly from exchanges. Funds are simply transferred; no wallet connect means greater security.

Book a videocall

Part of Making Crypto Payments Easier is customer support. Feel free to book a call to dicuss your needs.