Team Trees

WeGiveCrypto aims to raise an initial $25k to plant 25k trees, but hereby pledges to run further campaigns to plant even more trees and continue to offset carbon emissions from POW blockchains in the most effective way ever discovered; planting and taking care of trees.

Goal: $25k

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About the campaign

How did #TeamTrees® get started?
In 2019, the internet challenged MrBeast to raise $20M to plant 20M trees. With the help of ex-NASA engineer Mark Rober, hundreds of other YouTube creators, and all of you, we absolutely crushed it—raising over $23M and generating more than 1B organic video views. Now with millions of trees in the ground and planting projects underway around the world, #TeamTrees is growing a greener future.

Who makes up #TeamTrees?
Whether you donate to plant one tree, or one million, or simply help to spread the word, you are a part of the team! #TeamTrees reached its original fundraising goal of ‘20M trees by 2020’ by raising more than $20M in just 56 days with the help of 800,000 supporters from 200 countries. And support continues to grow. Someone has donated a tree on the site every single day since the October 2019 launch, with an average increase of about 2,600 trees per day. #TeamTrees has raised more than $23M to-date and that is thanks to all of you!

Who exactly is the Arbor Day Foundation and why did you choose them over other tree planting NGOs?
We quickly realized that to plant trees in a sustainable and environmentally friendly way, we would need to partner with the professionals. After speaking with multiple experts in the environmental space, the Arbor Day Foundation stood out as being the best choice. They are one of the largest and longest-running tree planting NGOs, with nearly 50 years of experience, and they have the same Charity Navigator rating as the American Red Cross.